A monthly meet up for Indie Filmmakers in Johannesburg, this is the third installment so it’s definitely gonna be bigger and better.
We talk about the industry, tech, gear, software, pitching tips, make up, costumes, music, sound , acting, casting, locations, cameras, post production, movies, series and most of share resources and practical advice. We also have pitching sessions, whereby attendees with ideas for web series or short films pitch to the audience in under 3 minutes and get real time constructive feedback and sometimes meet various willing collaborators from the crowd

The intention of the group is to get films made with professionals and students along with talented amateurs helping those with less experience and perhaps enlarging their own experience at the same time. The aim is to teach, learn, have fun but mainly make movies.

We :

• have hosted 9 meet ups
• meet once a month at the Once in Joburg Hotel
• have experienced way over 5 pitches per sessions on our platform through events we organize;
• have connected actors, filmmakers and creatives through our community platforms and the artists we walk the journey with;
• seen Seen 3 short films produced, a web series and an indie feature film produced from our platform
• been featured on Cliff Central
• Based in Braamfontein and hope to host events in other cities
• hosted talks and networking sessions with 2d animators, 3d animators,Visual effects artist, Writers, Director, Producers, Actors, Make up artists
• shared free software apps, smart phone filmmaking apps, tips, tutorials,online resources
• shared free editing software, shared writing tips,,Share Producers pack, Share Director packs, Share treatments, Share product placement pitch documents,• Marketing and distribution talks and presentations, Share Pitch decks, share locations, share crew, cast,, Share tips bout the business of filmmaking
• are not a production company
• we push creatives to produce work independently through collaboration
• shoot monologues for up and coming actors
• breed independent writer and producers
• shoot one music videos
• Produced actor lead short films(actors pitch their ideal character they would like to play then we write the short film and produce it)
• we welcome all types of visual storytelling any genres, art films, fashion films, drama,horror,action, scifi, 360 videos, documentaries and more
• talk about all this filmmaking, from tech, gear, vfx, tech, props, make up, acting,producing,contracts,marketing,budgeting,vfx,special effects,props,wardobe

Our vision is connect,share and promote collaboration for creatives, content creators from different cities in Africa, Europe, USA, Asia1 and build the best quality cross-border trade directory for creatives and filmmakers in the world.

We have seen ourselves evolve into 3 offerings:

• Access to: actors, creative, passionate, workshops, more and more indie shoots and masterclasses
• accelerating ideas into production: aiding creators and writers to take charge and help them produce their work independently with the write tools , resources and support

Our biggest lesson so far is that we have filmmakers at different tiers in our events

Young bloods
high school students 18 and above, professionals from different industries who have never worked on a short film

Young lions
Creatives how have produced more than two short films

Young master
Creative that work in tv & film but have yearning to work on more creative projects to escape the boundaries of the 9-5

Young O.G’s
Creatives who have produced or worked on more than one feature film.

We value creating more than having inspiring talks and discussions we love creating and making movies as often as one short film a month.

We also have a 23 step guide to producing our filmss from concept to final delivery, we believe safety comes first, we believe in having contracts and having the perfect balance between creativity, Business and Professionalism

This event will be free and we will be meeting at the immigrant bar.

If you miss our events, you can catch up on our social media accounts and website below

workshop highlights