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What is a camera lense mount


What is up, ladies and gentlemen, today I’m going to be teaching you guys about different camera lens mounts, what makes them different or make
them special and why you need to know the difference between them.

What is a camera lens mount?


What is up, ladies and gentlemen, today I’m going to be teaching you guys about different camera lens mounts, what makes them different or make
them special and why you need to know the difference between them.

What is a camera lens mount?

A camera lens Mount is the front part of an interchangeable lens camera. So if you have a camera way by, you can take the lens off. Like
you know, cameras start from like 5,000 Rand. The front part of your camera where you take the lens of is called the lens mount

Different manufacturers make different lens mounts

So different manufacturers make different lens mounts to limit compatibility with other manufacturers lenses. They want you to only
use the lenses that they make. An example is, for instance, you can’t just take a Sony lens and put it on a Canon lens, it won’t fit or Or
vice versa. They want you to buy their own lenses that they make for their own cameras so they can make more money.

What is an adapter?

So as solution for something like this, usually is an adapter. So for instance, with a metal bones adapter you can put Canon lenses on a
Sony camera. Another thing that manufacturers do in order to make more money, they they make cameras with different lens mounts.

One camera with multiple Lense mount types

For instance, when Red takes out a new camera, they will release that specific camera body with different lens mounts. So for instance
they we’ll have a, a body with an EF lense mounts, a body with a PL Mount and a body with an F mount. They don’t want to inconvenience their
customers , and prevent them from being able to use the lense they already have. You can’t just go, and buy a new camera or lense with out
knowing the camera lense mount, because you might get home only to find that your old lenses don’t fit on that camera . So you have to know
this because if you’re looking to buy a new camera, or buy new lenses, you need to make sure that they fit.

What are the different lense mount types

And now I’m going to be talking about different lens mounts that you find out there.

Canon EF lense mount

The first lens amount that you find out there is a cannon E F lens Mount. What’s so great about the EF Lense mount, it has electronic
focused, that’s what the EF stands for. It enables you to control focus manually or an EF lens Mount. And the other great thing about EF Lens
mount is that there’s a lot of lenses that are made for EF mounts. There’s a lot is like this size as Rokinon lense, which are also called
Samyang and there’s a whole bunch of like a long list of lens manufacturers that make lenses for EF lense cameras. So you won’t
struggle when you have to find a lenses.

PL mount

Another lens man that is out there is PL lense Mount a PL lense Mount is usually found on big budget, high end Hollywood cameras like you’re
Arri cameras your, your Sony Venice cameras. So these are like really expensive lens mounts. And these lens mounts are durable because they’re
able to hold a lot of weight from Big lenses. If you’ve ever seen him a behind the scenes photo of a big budget Hollywood movie you’ve seen,
they have lenses that are huuuge. And that’s what the advantage of having a PL mount is you canto put like a large and heavy lens in the
front of your camera and the PL Mount would be strong enough to hold those lenses. The only cons of this type of mount is the price.

Nikon F mount

Another lens Mount that is out the is a Nikon F- mount, The Nikon F mount s the most popular mount found on Nikon cameras. What’s great
about an F mount is that it’s backwards compatible and it’s a relatively affordable.

Sony E mount & Sony A Mount

So for Sony mounts it gets a little bit tricky. So he has two types of lens mounts. They have the A Mount, This is usually found on brand
new Sony cameras, like your Sony, A7sII and Sony alpha cameras and Sony alpha series. And then they have a Sony E mount, which is found on
older and much more high end Sony cameras, like your FS700, your FS5, there’s two types of Sony lens mounts facility and it’s good to know the

Nikon Z mount

And now the lens Mount that is out there is, this is a Nikon Z mount. The Nikon Z Mount is a brand new lens mount from Nikon is usually
found a Nikon mirrorless cameras.

Canon RF mount

And other canon lense mount is the brand new Canon RF lens Mount, which is found on the new Canon EOS R brand new cameras.

Micro Four thirds Mount

And the last lense mount I’m going to be talking about is a Micro four lense mount. This type of lense mount is found on most Panasonic cameras
or Olympus cameras, and old black magic cameras.

So what’s so great about the micro four thirds lense this lens Mount has a lot of adapters you can buy and use. The Micro Four thirds lens Mount
is 75% smaller than a full frame lens mount though

So next time you decide to go shopping for a new camera or lense make sure you know the different lense mounts , so you can be on the safe

Written by Lungile Mayindi


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