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Film production & Post Production Guide[in South Africa]


Film production & Post Production 101 in South Africa

In this blog post we will be exploring a rough guide to south african film production and post post production industry, terms and key resources to know.

If you have ever find yourself wondering how films are made, or maybe heard people throw around the phrase film production and film post production, brace yourself for awesome crash course in film production and post production, we will be explain these terms and breaking them down for you in this awesome blog post.



Development is the phase whereby producers, buy material for instant the rights to a book ,raising finance, finding investors then proceed to hire a script writer, to turn the book into a film script. Hiring, Directors, producers and finding distributors and sales agents for the project.


is the phase of production when producers hire, crew, find locations, book gear, do shooting schedule,call sheet and most of the planning for the film project.

Planning to shoot a film

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Production is the phase of production whereby cast and crew begin filmming, shooting the movie scenes day by day until they complete shooting the film project


Post is the phase of production in which producers works with editors to assemble the film footage, work with sound recorders, sound mixer and colorist to grade film footage and make the footage look good.


Distribution stage is part of production whereby the film is finished and sold to distributors who will exhibit the film nation wide or VOD platforms debut the film on their platforms

What is post production

What is post production(in detail)

Post-Production is the stage after production when the filming is wrapped and the editing of the visual and audio materials begins.

Post-Production refers to all of the tasks associated with cutting raw footage, assembling that footage, adding music, dubbing, sound effects, grading footage, export the film or video into a video file or DCP(digital cinema package).

The Post-Production process is highly collaborative, across a few months to even a year, depending on the size and need of the project.


The Post Production process

1 Video editing

1 Edit: This phases of the post production process is when the editors and assistant editors assemble the footage from a film, they being by syncing the video and audio films and cutting the film scene by scene until the whole film has its first finished cut which is called the first rough cut. After finishing the rough cut they will show the cut to directors and producers, get notes and changes and proceeds to cut away more scenes or add more scenes to the rough cut. Then they will present the 2nd cut and do this over and over until they have picture lock.

2 Sound edit



 2 Sound edit: As you might have heard, sound is one of the most important aspects fo any film. During the sound edit, the audio mixer, will clean up dialogue, call actors back to re-record their lines through ADR process. They will clean up dialogue, add sound effects, add Foley effects and balance the dialogue audio with sound effects and music.

3 Music

 3 Music: most films have their own original score and music, this phases is when a producer will hire composer to compose music for each of the scenes of the films, form characters themes, mood themes and the overall theme of the music. 

4 Visual effects



4 Visual Effects: Visual effects is act of creative image effects , animation, cleaning footage, masking stunt ropes our films, adding animation to action scenes and creating sometimes ultra realistic scenes from a various computer programs. Learn more about visual effects here.

6 Colour Correction

 6 Colour Correction: When the picture is locked, when the is no more edit changes, a film moves over to colour correction, colour correction of making all the footage from a movie looks the same, grading the footage, make the film pop, giving it a beautiful grade and give it a look and preparing it for different platforms from cinema , VOD and TV platforms.

7 Graphics

7 Graphics: The graphics creation process is a combination of getting animators to make a movies title sequence, from the opening credits, the closing credits or any other animation that are presents with in the movie. .

8 Trailer

8 Trailer: making trailers is a business on its own, which is great, challenging and a necessary process of the film production process. Movie trailer have a big influence over whether people buy tickets to a movie or not, usually movie trailer are the process whereby the film finish film is handed over to a movie trailer making agency which will cut a trailer off the film in order to make the best version of the film trailer. Usually it work better if its not the production company cutting ther trailer as they are too close to the project, trailer are an art on themselves and they even have their own awards. Making trailers usually fall under the marketing phases of the film production process.

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