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DSTV Monstie Promo

The kids of DStv’s School of Laughter have their say in new segment, #MonstieAsks. Watch it on the DStv YouTube Channel. DStv’s School of Laughter and our loveable character Monstie set out to get to know our wonderful School of Laughter kids and their thoughts on certain topics. In a brand new segment on DStv’s YouTube channel called #MonstieAsks, kids aged 4-14 give us their adorable thoughts on topics like love, friendship, food and so much more. The result? Hilariously adorable videos that give us a glimpse into the kids watching our channels, the thoughts they have on life and the content available on DStv that speaks to these interests. Watch brand new episodes of #MonstieAsks every Saturday on the DStv YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel today and turn on your post notifications to ensure you never miss an episode. And stay connected to enjoy the best in kids and family-friendly content with DStv’s School of Laughter.