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Amapiano Unplugged Promo

We had the opportunity to work on the tv show promo for Amapiano Unplugged.

More about the show:
Watch Piano Unplugged, Saturdays at 7pm on Channel O (ch. 320). Amapiano is the gift that just keeps on giving! Ever thought the yanos could be romantic? Intimate? Channel O is showing us just how much this beautiful this genre of music is capable of, with the launch of the new show, Piano Unplugged. Go on an intimate, unplugged and exclusive journey with the voices behind some of your favourite amapiano songs. Hear never-before heard versions of popular hits first & get a front-row seat to an acoustic journey of our local banners. Grab bae and some wine, it’s a good night to stay in. Dankie Piano! Watch Piano Unplugged, Saturdays at 7pm on Channel O (ch. 320) The only thing better groove filled with uptempo amapiano blockbuster street anthems is having the artists behind these songs give us memorable performances that give the songs a new life in a new light. You know how artists would be giving a spin to a song in a stripped down set with a band, playing around with different tones and even throwing in a new word here and there? For the first time since the genre’s meteoric explosion a few years ago, amapiano’s hitmakers are now lavishing a lush studio session with a stripped down set. Every Saturday on Piano Unplugged, a slew of Southy’s biggest hitmakers unleash acoustic sessions that elevate their blasting discographies, and it’s been such a thrill! With a lineup boasting the likes of Njelic and amongst many upcoming performances Boohle, the show finds local amapiano acts giving us classy sets and performances that remind us that jazz is the genesis of house music, and that house music is the language of the soul. And so hits that typically cause hype on dancefloors across the country, reveal a different side to them in a way that will surely make you fall even more in love with the music and the artist. You’ve got to see this, every Saturday at 19:00 on Channel O, DStv channel 320.