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Online Communities About Post Production You Should Join


There are tons of online communities, blogs and Youtube channels that share a lot of amazing tips  for aspiring and senior post production professionals, some share new advice, some share information about new plug ins, Work flows or even new program features.

I’ve taken the liberty of listing a few below, if you are looking to up your post production game, check them out below.

Blue collar post collective

The first one on our list is Blue Collar Post Collective, I love this community because they are on facebook, They have a facebook group and they have content on their Youtube page. I love their facebook group as many video editors and colorists are able to share screen shots of things they are working on, some look for work on the platform and some ask questions about program glitches that they are experiencing and the community is very friendly and helpful. I recently watched a 2 hour Youtube video where by a popular 1st   assistant editor on big shows like Altered Carbon, shared her Work flow tips and insights about working in the scripted narrative content world.




Frame .io is a post production software for collaboration if you dont know about it.They have a very helpful blog filled with tons of awesome interviews from the biggest and smallest post production  teams from around the world. Their blog has awesome articles, about different editing work flows, colour correction, interviews with the editors from big Hollywood movies and series, youtubers and indie filmmakers.

They also have a fantastic Youtube channel with awesome content, their last Youtube series was a long and informational series about how to take advantage of remote work flows using their  platform.

They even have so many blog posts from professionals who share info about using, Premiere pro, Da Vinci resolve, the gear you need for big Hollywood productions, monitors,keyboards, working with Red raw footage, Arri  footage, Sony raw and Black magic raw footage  and they also have an awesome free ebook that has ton of information about Codecs, containers and work flows.

Vashi visuals

There is also Vashi visuals, which is an awesome website filled with awesome  feature film and documentary video editing advice, assets, cases studies, break downs, plug ins and Templates. This website is ran by Vashi who is an awesome Feature film editor who has worked on big TV shows and movies such as House of cards, Dead Pool, what i love about his website is that its filled with so many editing tips, tricks, block busters templates, tips about short cuts, Work flows and  video editing Machines requirements.

Recently he also dropped a few parts of a 10 part video editing course, on Vimeo, which came with a 69 Page PDF that shares all his awesome knowledge and tips on how to up your game and work on Hollywood quality feature films and doccies, in the PDF he talks about how to optimize Première pro for ultimate performance and a more



Qazi is is La based Youtuber and Colourist, who puts out Color grading tutorials that are too hot to handle, they are in depth, fun and very insightful, I love this channel, if you are ver interested in upping your colour grading game this channel, is the channel to check out, he has tutorials that start from the basics you need for editing and color correction interms of your workstation  , step by step tutorials and  indepth tutorials that will turn you into a colour correction beast.

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