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How to compile a product placement pitch for your film project[with free template to download]

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How to put together a production placement pitch deck

Raising money for a film or creative project is no easy task, luckily the are many ways to do that, from equity funding to collaborating with big , small and medium sizes brands in your film production. You can do this through a production place collaboration. If you don’t know what product placement is its a process whereby brands pay movie studios to showcase their brands in their movies in exchange for money

In today’s blog i am going to show you a way in which you can compile a product placement pitch presentation for your creative film projects, I will be using an example of a pitch i did a few years ago.

You can download a Product Placement pitch template here.

Basically i was about to produce a indie web series for Youtube and i put together a product placement pitch and approached variosu brands that i thought would be interested in placing their products in my web series .

First I create a presentation in Powerpoint, you can do this any program of your choice, which ever one you prefer. I made the presentation in anHDD1920x1080 format, i just prefer this format and it just looks much much better in my opinion

My presentation started with heading,

I then stated in the presentation what a product placement collaboration is, so that the brand or client can understand what i am asking for , just incase they have never done a product placement collaboration. I also added movie examples so that they could see even clearer, as they say a picture is worth more than a 1000 words. Pictures always help paint a clear picture of what you are communicating to the client or brand , it also helps show them that you are professional.

I then made a slide with a little blurb telling them about who i am and what my company does and stands for

I also made a slide with brief synopsis explain what the film is about. you can approach as many brands as you want for your film project but that might not be wise, you need think about the target market for your film and the target market for the brand. if Both your target markets align then you can confidently approach. So before you make that call or send that email, research the brand and make sure they would be interested in being associated with your film

I also added a poster of the web series so that that could see that the project is real and also to showcase the tone and feel of the project. A poster is great but what would be even better is a trailer for your film project nothing communicates better than a trailer or video explainer.

If you have some stars or influencers in your film project showcase them in your product placement pitch another cool thing to add in your presentation is your social media stats, if you have a big following on social media, form instagram to Youtube or a blog add the stats to your pitch so that the brands can get a better understanding of who you are and what you will be bring to the table

Another thing you can add to your film product placement pitch is list of cast and crew members with quick and short bios about them

I also listed the reason for producing the project, why my and I were passionate about the project, why we thought it was a important project .

I also listed the various themes that will be through out the web series, i also added pictures o reflect these themes, if you have some stills of your film project add them to your pitch other wise find other pre-existing photos you can add to your picture to tell a better story, paint your vision with words and lots and lots of pitches

I also listed similar popular movies that are similar to my web series to help paint a clearer picture, I also added some posters of films and projects that have the same look and feel.

I also made slides describing the world and the types of characters that will feature in the series and examples of scenes that will be seen in the projects, from grungy looking characters, crazy situations etc.

I hope you found this article helpful, if you like this article please drop an comment below and let us know how you prepare product placement pitch document for your film projects.

Lungile Mayindi.

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