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Month: November 2019


How to compile a product placement pitch for your film project[with free template to download]

How to put together a production placement pitch deck Raising money for a film or creative project is no easy task, luckily the are many ways to do that, from equity funding to collaborating with big , small and medium sizes…

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How to prepare to attend your first film market [ DISCOP,AFM,Cannes or DIFF]

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to prepare to go to your first film market or want to level up and be super ready for the next film market you will be attending this blog post is you. I went…

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Why SA should make more horror movies

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Why SA should make more horror movies Why SA should produce more horror movies. I love horror movies, I like making them, I like watching them and I just…

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How to pitch a 360 campaign and a rebrand to Global brand

 HOW TO PITCH A 360 CAMPAIGN & A REBRAND FOR A GLOBAL BRAND A year ago I had a great opportunity to pitch a 360 rebrand for a big TV channel brand in collaboration with an agency called Pink pixel If you’re…

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